Disciples On TRAC for God's WORD


Disciples On TRAC for God's WORD

Keep Progressing Indicators (KPIs)

1. When we face an issue in life, we consult God’s WORD for wisdom and guidance.
2. At least once a week, we reflect on a verse or passage from the WORD.
3. Something I recalled from the WORD helped me act or respond more wisely to someone or something this week.
4. I am part of a group that tries to understand how God’s WORD applies to our daily relationships with people.
5. As a church, we actively try to help members live out the truth of God’s WORD by, e.g.,

  • Providing a weekly or monthly "Live out the WORD" guide (examples of application to daily situations) based on the sermon's Bible passage
  • Encouraging church small groups that focus on helping members apply the WORD to daily situations
  • Preaching sermons that end by suggesting how the WORD preached might affect our actions or attitudes in the week ahead