5Ws - Worship







Leader:  Let us pray to the Lord of all creation from Whom comes life, work and purpose.  Almighty God, when You formed us lovingly out of the dust of the earth, You breathed into us the breath of life and gave us work and purpose for living.

ALL:  God our Creator, thank You for ordaining work for us that we may work for the benefit of all on earth, for our own fulfilment and to the glory of Your name.  Thank You, Lord, for the abilities, talents and gifts You have blessed us with.  Help us to exercise them well in our workplaces, at home, at school, in the marketplace and wherever we expend energy in the service of others.

Leader:  When work seems mundane and meaningless,

ALL:  Let us call to mind that it is You, Lord, who has placed us where we are for Your purpose.

Leader:  When success is achieved,

ALL:  Let us be quick to thank and praise You, Lord, remembering that without You, we can achieve nothing.

Leader:  When failure is experienced,

ALL:  Let us be quick to turn to You, Lord, remembering that help comes from You.

Leader:  When we take on less or more than You call us to,

ALL:  Lord, give us eyes to see and the courage to act that Your will be done in our lives.

Leader:  When we feel frustrated, confused or lost,

ALL:  Lord, make things clear for us and guide us in the way ahead.

Leader:  When we feel down and out,

ALL:  Lord, comfort and encourage us on in our work.

Leader:  When we forget or find it hard to rest,

ALL:  Lord, remind us that both work and rest are ordained by You.  Help us then to rest from work as we learn to entrust our work and cares to You.

Leader:  Let us now, as servants of God, raise one hand to the Lord as a sign of our commitment to the work He has given us.

(Raise hands to the Lord)

ALL:  Indeed, Lord, as a sign of our commitment to work for the good of all and for Your glory, we lift our hands to You.  We will always work with diligence and perseverance carrying out our responsibilities with integrity.  We will enter our workplaces each day bringing Your presence with us.  In all circumstances, we will, with Your Spirit’s enabling, speak and live out Your love, Your peace, Your grace, Your mercy, Your justice, and Your perfect order that the work we do, and the persons we are, may be a blessing to those around us.

(Lower hands)

Leader:  Creator God, give us all - children, youth, adults and seniors - work that enhances human dignity and bonds us to one another.  Give us pride in our work, a fair return for our labour, and joy in knowing that our work finds its source in You.  Holy God, Father, Son and Spirit, bless us, Your servants, and the work of our hands to the glory of Your name.

ALL:  Amen.

[1] This Litany of Work has been composed drawing on various sources.