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Our Vision – 5 Ws

On TRAC Together with GOD:

Designed by Jolyn Kari Ng Li Jie & Edwin Poh

Our Vision of the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) for the Quadrennium (2013 - 2016)

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Our Core Values

Disciples of Christ are committed to 5 Ws :

  • the Word of God: disciples learn and share the wisdom of the Bible with each other
  • the Worship of God: disciples desire and encourage communion (relationship) with God through personal and corporate prayer
  • the Welcome of God: disciples receive and share God’s warmth and welfare
  • the Witness of God: disciples accept differing roles in being positive witnesses to God’s love and good news for the whole world
  • the Wonder of God: disciples believe in God’s wonderful acts of physical, emotional and spiritual healing through both prayers and physicians

(Adopted at TRAC 37th Special Session 2013).

TRAC Vision Video Invitational

by Benjamin Wong & Clarice Tan

Year 2023
BOWE – The Core of the Gospel